Infinite Fitness Peninsula

Tayler Hocking - Owner of Future Fitness 24/7 - Cobram

It was great to have Christian Woodford (and Woodford sport science team) come to regional vic and give an elite perspective on training and Injury prevention! I can’t recommend Christian and his staff high enough, their results speak for themselves. IF you are serious about developing your staff, educating your members on science based & applied training for results hire Christian for his seminars/applied workshops. Your investment in him will pay of 10 fold and his passion & presenting skills keep both the experienced coach/trainer & novice athlete passionate to learn and become apart of the #changingthegame movement he started. Thank you Christian & team – cya next year for our 3rd instalment.

Mandy Hopper - Owner MH Performance

It was amazing to have Christian Woodford come over to Perth to run a Netball Specific Injury Prevention and Physical Preparation Workshop for my staff along with various netball coaches and athletes around the region. I cannot recommend his workshops enough for developing staff in the art and science of coaching. My staff have been implementing his techniques and already seen a huge difference in their clients and athletes. It was awesome to open the workshop to netball coaches and athletes. They all left really understanding the need for S&C for netball athletes in terms of injury prevention and netball career longevity. Christian is incredibly hands on in his workshops so not only does he provide the theory base but the attendees get to do the practical to develop them futher. Cannot recommend him enough and cant wait to have him back! There is 100% no one more passionate about S&C!

Simon Thomas - Physical Performance Coach (Crusaders)
10 Years Exp - NZ HP sport

I have had the privilege of connecting with Christian online for a couple of years and helping to schedule his first workshop in NZ in 2019.

Being forthright and honest is one of his strengths, he passionately delivers education and strengthening of the industry and it’s networks. Not everybody has the ability to be as passionate in their opinions and for those that require his support, Christian is loyal and has their back.

The workshop is a great mix of theory and practical, with a great level of knowledge and detail.

The conversational style ensures that those in attendance get exactly what they need and Christian has great support to bring the content back to structure when needed.

His passion for the industry comes from a positive place and shines through in every second of his delivery.

Whether you agree entirely or not with his position in certain issues or his individual approach to driving change, if you can filter through a few passionate swear words you will take great further knowledge and skills from his educational sessions that you can put directly into practice.

Simon Thomas
Physical performance coach (Crusaders)
10 years exp – NZ HP sport

Steph & Sandor - Owners F45 Little Collins

As gym owners ourselves we asked Christian to come in and host an up-skilling workshop at our studio. It was amazing to have such an experienced coach enlighten our staff on what it really means to be a coach. Not only was his on the floor, hands on workshop full of knowledge; our coaches where able to directly transfer what they learnt into their own coaching. He was also able to enlighten them of what it means to work for someone to. We felt really overwhelmed by his ability to resonate with the staff and get them to understand that they should treat the gym as if it is their own and have the same pride day in day out as we as the owners do.

Christian is very passionate and direct and this rubbed off on our staff too, giving them the wake up call some of them needed and an new confidence in their skill sets. We still today use Christians way of queuing and coaching in the studio and this has bought our team and standard together in a really positive way.

Hayden Wilson (Founder FBSA)

“One thing I can promise you for sure is if you’re looking for a speaker who can bring a whole new level of energy, enthusiasm and realness to the stage, it’s Christian Woodford.”

Nikki Gissing - Owner HIIT Hard Strength & Conditioning

I can’t recommend hiring Christian Woodford to present at your gym/workplace! He literally had every member at my gym motivated, passionate but more importantly wanting to learn more of the science behind training. Christian holds a room and there is a reason WHY is a world renowned performance coach (& personality). Thanks Christian for coming down to my gym & upskilling all my members & myself on the theory & practical application behind training & results.

Brydon- Owner back on track fitness

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Christian over the past 6months, having been a fellow presenter at the 2019 Fitness Business Summit Australia. His passion and knowledge in terms of athletic development are second-to-none. I would consider him the ‘go-to’ guy in Australia for anyone looking for sports and athletic development. No questioning that he will get the very best out of you!