Joe Defranco - a legend in the sports performance industry. Joe has been a world leader for 20 + years and through passion, knowledge and real world results is seen as one of the top coaches in the world.

"Christian Woodford is the most PASSIONATE coach I have ever met."

Heath Davidson - Professional Wheelchair Tennis Paralympic Gold Medalist (Ranked #4 Singles & #2 in Doubles in Australia)

“I first met Christian (Woodford) when I was making my comeback to tennis after a long lay off. I can’t express what it’s like meeting someone as passionate and educated on athletic development as Christian is. His knowledge combined with his coaching lead me to become the strongest & most powerful I have been my whole life. He was a huge reason of my quick success on the tennis court and will continue to be an important cog in my preparation for tennis all year round. Thank you Christian and the team at WSSC for your coaching & elite environment you create at WSSC. I can’t recommend Christian/WSSC high enough for any athlete.”

Jamie Smith - Owner of Melbourne Strength Culture

Ethan Wilson - Snowboard Cross - National Level (Blue Bib)

I started training with Christian in January of 2017. I had come off multiple shoulder surgeries, a knee injury and had missed out on two years of competing in my sport. Starting with the basic movements and 14 months later my body mass increased 7kg whilst still remaining at 7% body fat. Christian has not only developed me more athletically but he increased my power, strength and speed. Christian is so passionate about making his athletes better that he did his own research on my unique sport so that he could improve my program to improve my performance. I have competed in the Australian/New Zealand (ANC) Cup Tour as well as the Australian Junior and Open National championships against Olympic athletes and World champions. I represent Australia on the North American (NorAm) Cup Tour where I hope to break into the Australian National team and compete professionally on the World Cup tour. Christian's knowledge, experience and passion make him a level above! He truly is the best.

Luka Prelevic - New Zealand All Whites National Soccer Representative

“Before I started training with Christian, who took me under his wing like an older brother would, I believed I was in sound physical condition.
After only a couple weeks of his training, I had increased my muscular strength and endurance ten fold and had seen huge improvements in my vertical jump and standing start acceleration (both of which I had always struggled in).

Shortly after, I was called up to the New Zealand All Whites national team. Without Christians training, this never would have been possible. Christian & his team are best in athletic development, injury prevention & rehab in Australia! I would suggest any athlete to check them out they are doing great things in the private industry in Australia. Thanks Christian for all your support.”

Patrick Lane - NRL Strength & Power Coach, Sydney Roosters

“Christian is dedicated to more than just building a business or a brand. He is committed to this industry and raising the standards of a performance coach.
I’ve been following Christian for probably 6 years now and have seen his legacy grow exponentially as he continues to influence hundreds if not thousands of performance coaches here in Australia and I am sure worldwide."

Amy Malander - Collingwood FC VFLW/former NPLW soccer

"I started training at WSSC in September 2016 and it has been the best investment that I have made for myself and my sport. Prior to training with Christian, every season without fail at some point I would encounter a soft tissue injury. It was part of the norm for me to expect that I would miss at least 1-4 weeks seasonally due to injury. Since training one on one with Christian I have not missed a single training session or game due to a 'niggle' or injury. The benefits have not only been physical but mental as well; knowing that my body is able to withstand the demands of my sport. After the first 4-8 weeks I noticed rapid change, as did others. I felt quicker, more explosive and recovered more quickly and was not as sore after training's and games.

Christian and the team at WSSC show passion and genuine care for anyone who walks through that door. Expect high quality training, expect education and expect a fantastic culture. That's what WSSC is all about."

Jarryd Lyons - AFL Player (Gold Coast Suns)

"For my first few years in the AFL, coming back to Melbourne to catch up with family and friends meant everything, but finding a place to train (particularly a gym) was always tough. After being introduced to Christian, the issue of finding a gym was resolved. Not only was it a place to lift, but it was also a place to learn. Christian and his team helped me develop new skills that I still use to this day and it’s allowed me take my game to the next level. As an athlete, and whether it’s at local or professional level, I couldn’t recommend Woodfords highly enough as a place to train, improve and learn how to get your body to function at the it’s best."

John Andrew Simpson -

"I first started working with Christian in 2011 when I was overseas player for Hawthorn Monash University. As part of my contract I was given a gym membership at Genesis where Christian was currently working. After a 10/15 minute conversation he agreed to oversee my programme and athletic development during my stay in Melbourne.

His knowledge, passion and attention to detail were second to none for someone who had only been working in a gym.As the weeks went by not only did I realise he was an outstanding coach but someone who to took a real interest in me as a person but also in my performances while I was over in Australia.

As a performance coach, I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. For anyone looking to improve there athletic development or coming back from an injury then do not hesitate to get in touch with him...Trust me,you will see major gains but a real understanding of your own body and movements!"

Will O'Brien - 2nd XI Champion for Melbourne Cricket Club

"I came down to see Woody half way through my cricket preseason last year looking for help in managing the back pain I was getting with bowling. I’d had consistent issues with my back, including stress fractures, and in the last season was visiting the physio almost weekly to loosen up my back before a game.

Throughout preseason and into the season Woody worked with me modifying the program depending on loads from the week and how my body was feeling, allowing me to maintain strength throughout the season without effecting my training, something I could never have done trying to train myself.

Coming out of season I have had my best year by far both in performances and in body health. I didn’t see the physio once for my back, I rarely got sore through my back even after big bowling session (this was unimaginable 1 year ago) and noticed a huge difference in my ability to move across the field. I owe a significant proportion of this to Woody’s work with me and would recommend any bowler to come down and talk to Woody about how to improve your game."

Bailey Morrish - VFL - Williamstown

"I came to Christian in my under 15’s stingrays year having been diagnosed with pubic apophysitis and a slight hip impingement. I was immediately stunned at how passionate he was and also how knowledgeable. We got straight to work and I’ve been coming to him on and off for the last 4 years and have never had any serious injuries ever again . I can honestly not thank this man enough . If you are serious about your sport and want that competitive edge , go and see this man , and the rest will take care of itself."

Alex Smout - Canberra Demons (North East Australian Football League)

"Christian taught me the importance of training my posterior chain prior to seeing him I had borderline chronic hamstring issues. Within 2-3 months of working with him I was by far the strongest and most powerful I’d ever been. My 3rm squat was significantly higher than ever before and gave me a solid foundation and base to perform and stay on the ground without getting injured. Woodys passion and diligence is 2nd to none in the industry he’s one of the few athlete first coaches left. Happy to call him a mate & recommend him to any athlete of any sport - he’s the best in the business."

Matthew Hedin - Wangaratta Magpies Football Club

"I was recommended to start training with Christian after my second consecutive ACL rupture by teammate Matt Kelly. I met with Christian prior to potentially undergoing a second reconstruction, at which point we decided we would take the risk of attempting to get back to playing football without an ACL. Christian was the ultimate professional through this process, in which I have come out of stronger than ever and haven't had any issues with my knee since (despite no ACL). I cannot recommend anyone more qualified than Christian in the industry. Whether you are suffering from niggling injuries. ACL ruptures or want to become the best athlete that you can become Christian is your man."

Jack Bines - SEBAL Basketball

Patrick Bines - AFL Rookie - West Coast Eagles

Bailey Hunt -Footballer

Jackson Edwards - Footballer

“ I first come across Christian through a recommendation from a coach in Adelaide.”
“ I went and followed him on Instagram and gee wiz he was a lunatic from what I watched” ? “pretty much a whole lotta screaming into a screen!”

“But I kept watching (due to his passion & elite knowledge) and eventually emailed him and said to be the best you have to work with the best”

“ I went and met him and his passion was intense (for anyone wondering how he is on social media is how he is in real life)”. “I told him my story and he was keen to give me a chance and at the time that’s exactly what I needed”. “ I needed someone to give me an opportunity.”

“From that point forward I trained with Christian and Brick who taught me how to lift and lift properly - lift with intent, speed and control”. “I was young, raw and skinny (still am but getting there!)”

“Fast forward to now and I’m back in Adelaide for more footy opportunity but will forever be grateful for my time at Woodford.”

I came at a tough time for Woody as he was battling with a few things but I know he’s stronger than ever and so am I with the experience I’ve had.” Much ? - JE #changingthegame

Matt Hodgson - Professional Basketball Player - NBL Player (Adelaide 36ers)

I initially started to come and see Christian for injury management and prevention. He saw instantly that I needed a lot of work as an athlete. We started from ground zero, he taught me how to correctly execute basic movements such as running, jumping and landing. A big emphasis of his was to activate and strengthen the glutes, something that is so under trained, yet so critical in basketball performance. Over a period of a few months, Christian helped to drastically improve me as an athlete. He employs a simple yet holistic method that yields results over the long run. He teaches people how to be better athletes, while also helping them to prevent injury. His incredible knowledge and passion is evident, it only took me one session to know that I was dealing with a true professional. I can't stress enough how important the things that Christian teaches are. So few athletes are able to achieve their athletic potential, and Christian is a key to help unlock that in any athlete.

Campbell Somerville - Boxer (Commonwealth Games / Australian Champion)

3x Australian Champion
6x Victorian Champion
2017 Australian World Championships Representative
2018 Commonwealth Games

Sean Farnan (College Sprinter)

“I began being coached by Christian 4+ years ago, close to the beginning of WSSC. Looking to add to a previously unexplored aspect to my training, I hoped that Christian’s approach to strength and conditioning would be the answer to my muscular durability troubles, whilst also facilitating my power development for acceleration. Over these 4+ years, Christian’s coaching has played a major role in my development as a complete athlete, as his tailored programming combated my weaknesses, whilst also building on my strengths. With his help, I have been able to find success on a State and National level, in addition to being competitive in the NCAA Division 1 competition over in the USA.”

100m: 11.01 – I do have a 10.60 time with an illegal tail wind though
200m: 21.46 (2014-15 season ranked top 20 in Australia for the 200m)

Matt Foster - #6 Ranked Fencer in Australia

Matt Foster - #6 Ranked Fencer in Australia

Pierce Waring - Melbourne Victory

"WSSC is the place for any athlete who's looking to improve. In the year I trained with Christian, I saw a rapid improvement in my body and felt faster, fitter and stronger. I've never felt better physically and a large part of that was my time at WSSC. Christian's one of the best (and most passionate) in Australia when it comes to strength and conditioning and I would recommend him to any athlete who wants to become elite."

Tom Lamb - Current Sandringham VFL Player (Former AFL player West Coast Eagles)

"I was first introduced to Christian through one of my mates Campbell. From the moment I met Christian his passion and knowledge was evident and it’s shown in his work. I can’t recommend Christian or WSSC high enough they are the best at what they do!"

Riley Boland - Dandenong Stringrays U18s & Beaconsfield Seniors

Jason Williams - VFL Northen Blues

"At the beginning of the 2017 season I had a hunger and desire to get my self from local footy back to VFL.

After I finished up on the recruit the feed back I had been given was to improve my lower body strength, mobility and durability.

Enter Christian Woodford.

As soon as I met Christian I saw his infectious passion and want to “change the game”. I knew his drive matched my hunger and desire to make it back to the VFL. We started training straight away and within weeks my performances had gone from good to great. We trained for the duration of the 2017 until I received and invite to train with the Northern blues VFL squad.

My original goal of making it back next year (2018 season) had been halved and I was back training with a VFL squad in 2017. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my goal without the careful guidance and tailored programming provided by the man CW!

Fast forward to now start of the 2018 season I have just completed a preseason with out any soft tissue injuries and have been able to perform at or above the expected level to play VFL which Helped me earn selection in round 1.

Again I couldn’t be more sure that without Christian I wouldn’t be able to achieve the things I am currently achieving nor would I be able to achieve the things I am aiming to achieve this year.

I said it when I first signed and I’ll say it again, “if you wanna be the best, you have to train with the best”."

Chris Vi - 100m PB 10.6

"I first came to Woodford in 2016 to develop overall power and strength so that I could better myself as a track athlete. While I had a half decent base to build upon, it wasn't until I had trained under Christian Woodford, a performance coach, that I realised all those squats and deadlifts I couldn't even perform. It was a real eye opener. So when we started working on my weaknesses, improving my unilateral strength, it was only then, that I started to feel more confident on the track. The knowledge that he had imparted over the last 2 years is priceless. It was the best decision I've made, to step foot into WSSC and be coached by one of the top performance/s&c coaches in Aus. It's hard to not learn something new every session when he's yapping his head off every 2 seconds - it does show his passion."

Kim Mulhall - Athletics Discus (Australia)

Darby Henderson - VFL Player (Williamstown)

"I was recommended to go to Woodford SSC at the end of the 2016 Football season to gain an advantage on others heading into my possible draft year. Christian immediately made me a better player through developing my speed, strength and power which made me feel as confident as I could to head into the 2017 season. I was rewarded in 2017 with some great recognition and will never stop going to Woodford after the results which were shown. Along with this Christian has also been a mentor to me and has guided me and taught me how to be as professional as I possibly can be on and off the field."

Jason Turner - Squash

"Big thanks to Christian Woodford and the WSSC team. They’ve helped me increased my world squash ranking from 450 to 257 and physically prepared me to take my career overseas and compete with the best in the world. Whilst overseas WSSC will continue my strength and conditioning program so I can achieve my goal of winning a pro tournament and reach the top 100 in the world."

Lachie Young (AFL - Western Bulldogs)

Lachie Swany (Sydney Swans Academy)

"I first heard about Christian through his social media posts and decided to visit him three years ago and have been visiting him ever since due to his clear results with injury prevention and strength development in teenage athletes. What appealed to me when I first walked into his gym was how passionate he was about developing me as an athlete and how quickly he became invested in helping me reach my goals. I couldn't recommend Christian highly enough for any athlete trying to get the best out of themselves or returning from injury as he will always provide you with passion and commitment until you've achieved your goals or got back to playing and he will accept nothing less than the highest standards."

Ash Wallis - Melton FC & Goldfields AFL Female Academy

I met Christian at Women’s AFL Academy when I was struggling physically and mentally post my second ACL reconstruction. Christian set me up at Woodford and handled all my rehab, I was 18 months post surgery however I had very minimal muscle and did not feel strong at all. Christian cleared me to play after 5 months of working with him and I’ve never been stronger both physically and mentally and I am always well prepared come game day. I am also faster, more confident and more aware of injury prevention ever since. This is all due to Christians passion and commitment. Thinking back to when I didn’t even think I could play footy again, to now being captain of a senior women’s team and training for a spot in the Goldfields women’s interleague team, I couldn’t be more thankful of Christian. Highly recommend!!!

Lauchlan Anthony - Saginaw Valley State University, NCAA, Division II

After Reaching out to Christian to help me with my rehab (3 years ago) following multiple hip surgeries, i immediately noticed results in the reduction of pain i was experiencing along with gaining strength and speed back which directly transferred into my training and basketball”. “His ability to apply his extensive knowledge and communicate to his athletes is exceptional & I would recommend him (& his team) to any athlete looking for the highest level physical preparation advice.

Sandor Earl - NRL Player (Melbourne Storm)

Liam Donald - National Level Rower for Australia

My time at WSSC with Christian helped me take the next step in my rowing career. I would recommend working with him to any rower out of school trying to build strength which allows them to perform at the next level.

Matt Thurtell - Football (Bentleigh Greens)

"After rupturing my 2nd ACL 1 on each knee) in a 2.5 year span, I was looking to rehab my knees as best as I possibly could to successfully return to playing football. I came across Christian's videos on Facebook and started training with him 1 on 1, 3 months post surgery. He immediately put me to work, starting from body weight exercises and working my way up. His knowledge and passion made my rehab process enjoyable as he educated me on the basics and made strength the foundation of my programs. Christians training gave me the confidence to return to playing football at a high level and to be injury free since. I recommend Christians training to any athletes who want to take the next step and improve their overall athletic abilities."

Corey Maynard - Melbourne Football Club (AFL)

"I started training with Christian and jay after I decided to pursue playing football rather than basketball (former NBL). Christian Woodford & Jay Ellis prepared me for playing football at the highest level (AFL) and I never felt stronger and more powerful when training with them. I can’t recommend two performance coaches high enough."

Brad Harman - MLB

"The reason why I loved my time at WSSC as a professional athlete was the ability they have to answer the "WHY?"
From professional athletes all the way to the weekend warrior, we should all feel comfortable to ask the "why" and feel satisfied with the knowledge in response. Not only would I improve physically each session, I would also improve my knowledge on why I was doing particular exercises and how they would assist me achieve my goals.

Without the assistance of Christian Woodford, I would have found the challenge far greater to achieve my goal of playing in my 4th World Baseball Classic for Australia.

A massive heart felt thankyou to Christian and the entire team at WSSC for your knowledge and guidance through the last years of my career."

Philadelphia Phillies Organisation: 2004-2009 only in mlb for 3 weeks in 2008

Australian Team Member 2004-2017

Melbourne aces 2012-2017

Bailey Lewis - Top 20 Taekwondo Athlete In The World

"2013 is the year i began training at WSSC under head coach Christian Woodford, after a highly respected personal trainer Josh Nesbit recommended him to me. At the time s&c is something that never crossed my mind nor did I have any idea of the technical aspect. To the fifteen year old me S&C consisted of high cardio muscle fatiguing Taekwondo based movements. Being at WSSC has developed me from being an uncoordinated inefficient athlete to a high explosive athlete with great muscular neural connection, but more then that it has taught me the importance of S&C and the many benefits like injury prevention. More over, Christian and the team at WSSC are a great bunch and truly want the best for athletes regardless of sport or level played. In words it is hard to describe how thankful I am to have christian constantly topping up my motivation to want to succeed in everything I do."

Bailey’s Accomplishments:
-2015 senior world championships
-2015 Serbia open bronze
-2016 US presidents cup GOLD
-2016 presidents cup oceania bronze
-2016 oceania championships Gold
-2017 dutch open bronze
-2017 belguim bronze
-2017 new zealand open bronze
-2017 world championships
-2017 uni games bronze
-2018 Sofia open silver
-2018 Dutch open gold
-2018 US open silver
-2018 top 20 in the world

Brett Henderson - Former Tac Cup Coach

"I have no doubt that Christian has a huge influence in the development of footballers. His results and methods are second to none. As a former Tac Cup coach his methods are simply cutting edge. The best in the business."

Level 3 High Performance Coach
Williamstown Development Coach VFL 2012-2014
Bendigo Pioneers Coach 2015/16
3 x Premiership Coach
AFL Diploma Facilitator at SEDA
Outside the Locker Room Facilitator

Joel McKee - St Bedes Football Club (VAFA A Grade Premier)

"I came to wssc after tearing my 3rd ACL in 4 years and I wasn't sure if I wanted to go through another 12 month rehab process. After talking to Christian and Jarrad I was convinced to give it one more go and started training in june 2015, 2 months before my 3rd operation.
Through training with Jarrad initially, and now Christian, I have been able to return to do what I love, play footy, and be 100% confident in my knee while doing so.
Without the level of expertise the coaches at wssc have shown during my long rehab process I don't think I would be back out on the field playing. I continue to train at wssc to make sure my likelihood of not only knee injuries, but all injuries is greatly reduced, and my level of performance continues to increase."

Alex Grummer - W league

"Christian is a dedicated coach who is passionate about getting the best out of his athletes. I've been riddled with injuries throughout my career, so it's no question now that I have come to Christian to help me, not only become stronger and faster... but also stay injury free. Christian is focused on mastering my technique, providing periodised training sessions and plans according to my season to help me achieve my goals."

Seb Arenas - Gridiron Missouri Southern State (USA- NCAA)

"One of the best things I've invested in, in terms of my development as an athlete was hiring Christian & WSSC. There's nothing like the WSSC culture Christian creates, everyone there is training with purpose; chasing their dreams or just trying to be the best in the sport. After 12 weeks, my mindset completely changed and I've never felt stronger, quicker and more athletic in my life. My confidence has also gone up and its a good feeling to have some of the best coaches in Australia in your corner."

Fede Frew - NCAA Soccer Athlete (AIC Yellow Jackets)

"As an athlete I have always been told I was slow, but I have never been told how to get quicker. Christian took me in on my break from college and was the first coach to properly invest in my strength and my health.

He is the most knowledgeable coach I’ve ever worked with and is the only coach to offer a solution to my ‘problem’. Christian is so passionate and only wants the best for his athletes and I will always be grateful I came into Woodford SSC as I believe it has helped me so much, and has put me in a much better stead for my upcoming season.

I now know how to lift properly, how to prepare properly, and how to take care of my body. I would never hesitate to recommend Woodford to any athlete looking to better themselves.

I feel stronger and so much better about my body than I ever have, and thanks to Woodford I can now say I am actually getting quicker.

I now have so much more knowledge on strength and conditioning thanks to Christian, and I can’t wait to continue training at Woodford SSC when I am finished with my college soccer career."

Billy Stretch - AFL Melbourne FC

"I hired Christian Woodford because of his results in getting athletes bigger, stronger & faster. I kept hearing his name pop up and once I met him I knew why so many regard him as the one of the best s & c coaches in Australia & is world renowned. I can’t recommend Christian high enough if you are an athlete of any sport or any level he will take your game to the next level."

Hugh Thomson - New Zealand Coach

"I was lucky enough to be welcomed into an internship and be mentored by Christian Woodford himself. The knowledge the team has there is outstanding. Still now after a few years I continue to learn from this team. There is not a place I have been to with more passion and love for what they do, and the industry! My advice to anyone thinking of getting into the industry is to start here. This is world class at out back door! #changingthegame"

Lauchie Kennet - VAFA Premier Grade Footballer

I first came to WSSC in early 2017, after seeing plenty of Christians success with other footballers online. Since joining, I have not only become much stronger physically and barely had injuries, but my mental state has changed. I went from being a kid who complained to a person who just worked hard and I have Christian and WSSC to thank for this. They have helped me achieve things I did not think were possible and have changed my life. I couldn’t recommend Christian highly enough to any athlete looking to improve not only their physical attributes but also their mental ones.

Jordan Potts (Owner of EXALTO)

Ben Reid - Collingwood Football Club, AFL 150 games, 2010 Premiership player

I first met Christian through a Mutual friend and I started training with him during my off season. The best thing about Christian is how caring and passionate he is towards getting your body right and also how much he invests in the individual as a person. The best thing I took away from it was certain exercises and tips he gave me that I can use on a day to day basis where ever I am in the world! Highly recommend him for fitness, sporting performance, rehab or just wellbeing goals!!