Mentorship Testimonials (Face to Face & Online)

Zach Schill (Online Mentorship)

Steph (Christian Woodford Mentorship Member)

“I have been a part of Christian’s mentorship program for almost a year now and I can’t recommend it enough. I came to wood about to finish my exercise science degree, lacking confidence and direction with the belief that I needed to complete a Masters degree in order be successful in this industry. Wood has not only given me the confidence to apply my knowledge, but also to believe in myself and my abilities as a coach. With Wood behind me I am now working alongside an incredible High-performance team and I absolutely love it. This mentorship isn’t like any other. Woodford SSC isn’t just a Sports Science Consulting centre, it is a huge family. Wood looks out for everyone and nothing makes him happier then to see us succeed. Christian, thank you for believing in me and giving me the confidence to keep on pushing and growing as a coach. #changingthegame”

Zana (Christian Woodford Mentorship Member)

“After completing the Level 1 strength speed power workshop at WSSC back in September, I knew straight away that I wanted to learn more. It is rare in this industry to find people who are passionate about S&C- that is what WSSC is all about.

When you start your mentorship with Christian and the other coaches, you have to leave your ego at the door. They take you back to basics. They strip it down and make you re-learn, re-evaluate and redefine movement patterns that are performed (often terribly) everyday on the gym floor.

Over the last 9 months I have gained more practical knowledge to do with S&C than I have over my entire career (4+ years).
The application of knowledge is the foundation for what we do—> THIS is what WSSC has taught me how to do. Not only did they teach me the how and the why of S&C, but to have the confidence to implement it.

I never thought I would work with athletes or in sport. I never thought I was good enough. However, since working with Christian and the WSSC team, through my own business I am now training athletes, working at a women’s football club and running programs at schools on the importance of S&C in sport and exercise for the general population.
I can not recommend WSSC more highly

Michael Russel - (Christian Woodford Mentorship)

Steph (Christian Woodford Mentorship Member)

“My name is Michael Russell and I’ve been apart of Christian Woodfords mentorship program for almost a year now.

Christian has been an idol of mine for 5 years now, I’ve always looked up to him as a pioneer in the Sports Performance Industry in Australia. He started the change and proved to Australia and the world how far basic and applied sports science principles can take you.

Christian has a wealth of knowledge and is willing to share it with any one who wants to better themselves.
I have learnt so much more than just how to coach an exercise and the art and science behind proper programming. But because of him, I really started to believe in myself as coach, he has made me so confident in my ability and always gives me feedback.

The culture down at WSSC is incredible, I’ve never experienced anything like it. It’s like a big family.  We all want to see eachother succeed.

Thankyou Woody for you’ve done #changingthegame”

Michael Casement - Director South East Fitness Solutions

Adam Flynn Intern Performance Coach @ WSSC

I am currently out in Australia interning at the world renowned @woodfordssc to better understand my knowledge for athletic development and injury prevention through the use of basic sport science principles.
So far I am thoroughly enjoying the experience and already the knowledge I’ve obtained from all of the coaches there has been fantastic. I can’t thank @coachwoodford enough for taking me on and letting me learn from one of the best gyms in the world. His passion for the industry is second to none.
I came to Australia because:
1. From my own experience gym and strength training in Ireland is very under developed. By this I mean how many of you when you go to the gym train what are known as “mirror muscles” (biceps, triceps, chest, quads and the likes) with 3-5 sets of 8-10 reps? Or lifting as heavy as you can without actually being shown how to do the exercise properly? This is pre-disposing you to injury and not actually improving your strength.
2. Like most sports science students, I wanted to work in a professional environment with top level athletes. Before hearing of @woodfordssc I didn’t think that professional athletes went to a private coach for training outside of their club. When I realised that their was a private sector industry for strength and conditioning it opened up my mind.
3. Seeing how @coachwoodford is #changingthegame by creating awareness about private sector Strength training for athletic development in Australia, has inspired me to try do the same in Ireland. The fact that the GAA is starting to become far more physical over the last 10 years and there is a greater emphasis on physical development wouldn’t you think people would like to perform at the highest level they can and dramatically decrease their risk of injury? This is all possible through proper, structured strength training but yet we still see numerous hamstring strains, ACL injuries and much more!

Cassie Welford (Christian Woodford Mentorship)

Steph (Christian Woodford Mentorship Member)

“I first met Woody at his level 1 workshop late last year. I found that to be the most helpful PD course I’ve done 2 years out of uni. even though I work with clinical populations, I was able to take a lot of things away from it to use for my clients. I found that this lit my fire, my passion for improving myself and my coaching. I was lost, in the process of navigating through the industry and feeling like I was getting no-where.

I started training at WSSC after the workshop to help build my confidence in my coaching, as well as to help rehab my left hip. Not only did I go there to train, but I’m now part of his mentor group and it’s allowed me to meet other like minded people who, like myself want to improve our skill set and confidence. I am far stronger than what I was prior to training with Woody, being able to play social basketball several times a week pain free, and having confidence in my body to not break down. I feel comfortable being able to teach the Big 6, and this has allowed me to really open up my scope of exercise prescription- and I have seen the success this model has had in myself and my clients.

His mentoring has allowed me to challenge my thinking, to challenge my role as an allied health professional as well as allowing me to train and engage in a fun and supportive environment. I love going down and seeing all the coaches as well as the others part of the program- I love how we can all celebrate in each other successes, it feels like a big family and every staff member, including Woody are helpful, friendly and really wanting us to succeed in where we choose to go in our careers. I can’t thank him and the team enough for not only improving my physical health and strength, but allowing me to be a more confident coach and allied health professional. #changingthegame”